Pushys Sponsored Athlete: Mark Brockwell

State: QLD

Sport: XCO,XCO and General Mountain Biking in the Masters Category

Bikes: Rocky Mountain Vertex, Santa Cruz TallBoy, Specialized Tarmac

About Mark: Mark is aged 45 and lives in Brisbane,Qld. He is happily married with 3 children. He is employed by Virgin Australia as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer . He has started riding MTB in 2011 at the age of 40. His Cycling discipline of choice is mountain biking but has been known to throw a leg over a roadie generally for training purposes.

How Did You get into the Sport: Life was extremely busy with little time for myself. I had an old bike that had not been used for 10years so i just started riding it for fitness and to get my thoughts together. Next thing I had bought a better bike and entered a 12Hr MTB charity event and I have not looked back.

Hardest thing about the Sport: Interval Repeats and training in the rain.

Training Week consists of: 5 days a week consisting of no more than 10hrs bike time. This is broken up between social,training and racing .

How Do I keep Motivated: It is extremely difficult as life is so busy. I generally enter a future race or series which motivates me to train.

Goals/Future plans: This years plan is to complete the Subaru National XCO series. It consists of 6 Stages across all of Australia. A long term goal is to get back to Sedona in Arizona to ride. Absolutely breathtaking. Also to get under 5hrs for the Flight Center Epic.

Best Ride: I went to Sedona in Arizona 3 years ago for a family holiday and managed to get a ride in. Beautiful. Check out the Hangover Trail on You Tube as it is crazy.

Best Advice: Get out there and just do it. Oh, and stay away from cars.


  • 2012 Mt Buller Mountain Bike festival (Victoria)
  • 2012,13,14,15 87km Flight Center EPIC-(2013 1st place 2man Team and best time of 5:09)
  • 2013 Highland Fling including Rolloff Challenge (NSW)
  • 2013,14,15 Sunshine Series XCO Masters (2014 3rd overall)
  • 2014 Misty Mountain MTB Marathon (3rd overall)
  • 2015 Kona 24hr MTB (1st Place 6 man team)
  • 2014/15 Giant 3plus3
  • Numerous 3hr and smaller events

Mountain biking as a sport has let me into so many great peoples lives. One of the main things that keeps me in this sport is the people. The sport itself is not scary or that dangerous. I wont say it is not hard but it is rewarding.

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