Pushys Sponsored Athlete: Alex Unicomb

alex-unicomb-thumbnail-1Age 13, year 8 De La Salle Catholic college Caringbah

Time riding approx 18 months

State: NSW – Cronulla

Sport: Downhill and Enduro MTB, Dirt Jumps and Street riding.

Current Bikes: 2016 Giant Glory Advanced 0, 2016 Giant Reign Advanced 1, Norco two50 dirt jumper, We The People Arcade BMX

How did you get into the sport?

In September 2alex-unicomb-thumbnail-2015 in the holidays my Dad suggested we go for a road ride to Kurnell. I agreed to this and we went riding. During the ride, Dad was scared about the trucks on the the road and I found the ride pretty boring. When Dad and I arrived home, we came up with a better idea; go for a mountain bike ride at Heartbreak Hill on our old hardtails. The next day we headed out and I loved it! I was instantly hooked on mountain biking.

That led to more riding at local trails, a holiday in Thredbo at the end of 2015 and starting to compete in races. My first major race was the Australian All Schools in 2016. This year I actually ended up winning the year 7 and 8 boys Australian All Schools king of the mountain.

Dad and I love Thredbo so much we have ended up buying a place there right in the village and it’s like a second home to us.

Hardest thing about your Sport?alex-unicomb-thumbnail-3

There isn’t really a hard thing about my sport apart from conquering fears when it comes to hitting new lines, jumps and trails.

What does a regular training week consist of?

I try to stay as fit as I can. For me, this involves riding at least twice a day, even if it’s at my local park riding little jumps that my mates and I make. My best mate Talon Hartwell pushes me to stay as fit as I can by riding with me all the time.

I try to get to a downhill trail almost every weekend. The main downhill tracks I ride are at Mount Kiera, Green valleys mountain bike park, and of course, Thredbo.

I rode the Cross Country in baggies and a T-shirt at the Aussie All schools on a bike with a power meter and a heart rate monitor. Dad told me my power and heart rate was really high so I get pretty fit without actually thinking about it.

How do you keealex-unicomb-thumbnail-4p motivated?

It’s easy! I love riding and the lifestyle. I dream about bikes and always want to go riding.

Future Goals?

In the future, I would love to represent my country as a downhill racer. My short term goals are competing in the Australian National Series and achieving a good result and going to Whistler so I can experience the best trails in the world.

Best piece of advice you have been given?

“Keep the rubber side down” – when I started racing a bit I would get really nervous. I remember that in one race at Green Valleys Mountain Bike Park, I crashed in both of my race runs. The second crash I actually ended up fracturing my wrist. After these crashes I told myself that relaxing and having fun is the key to success.

Do you want to be a professional?

Absolutely! I see guys like Aaron Gwin and Troy Brosnan who are the top of the racing world and I would love to be like them. I’d also like to make sure I do well at school, and have a backup career. My Dad raced at professional level, but always had a job.

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