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Pushys Sponsored Athlete: Alice Culling

Screenshot_20170630-170425_1State: Victoria

Club: Ararat & District Cycling Club

Age: 17

Sport: Track & Road Cycling

How did you get into the sport? I began cycling at the age 7 after joining the local cycling club. I wanted to begin a year prior to this, but beginning school that year, it was too much for a little 6-year-old.

Hardest thing about the sport? I always find it difficult on a day of Individual Pursuits when you have ridden your hardest in the IMG_0546_1.jpgqualifying rounds and you’re just waiting to see if you’ve ridden hard enough to make the final, then of course backing up your performance to medal. It’s stressful from the time you wake up.

What is a regular training week for you? A week of training for me consists of a Pilates session on a Monday, working on the 1% things that are often looked past. Road kms before an intense ergo session on a Tuesday. Often double track sessions on a Wednesday. An easy ride on a Thursday, followed by some core training. Fridays are generally a rest day, which I believe is quite important not only for the body but the mind also. Saturday and Sundays generally consist of road kms and a track session. Everything you do on and off the bike affects your overall performance so I believe it’s important to follow the program set by my coach.

FB_IMG_1488687313928Best piece of advice given: One piece of advice that sticks in my mind since I was given it last year is that “Every action has a reaction.” A coach said this to my team prior to a competition and it has stuck with me since. To me, it means if you put in the hard yards, results will show, but if you were to slack off and not put in the hard work then the reaction would be little or no results. In any situation it’s a piece of advice that makes you think of circumstances that may occur due to one’s actions.


  • Oceania Teams Pursuit – 2nd
  • National Points Race 2017 – 1st
  • National Individual Pursuit 2016 – 1st
  • National Teams Pursuit 2016 – 1st
  • National Teams Pursuit 2017 – 1st
  • National Scratch Race 2016 – 2nd
  • National Omnium Championship 2017 – 3rd
  • National Individual Pursuit 2014 – 3rd

Gaining selection into the Australian team to compete at the Junior World Track Championships at Montichiari is currently one of my greatest achievements, as it’s a reward to not only myself but to my family and everyone who supports me and proves that hard work does pay off.

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  1. Well done Miss Alice ……. with your awesome attitude and the great support of your family, I am sure you can go all the way.


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