All Mountain Style Frame Protectors

all-mountain-style-honeycomb-mtb-frame-guard-clear-cheetah-amsfg1clchNo one likes a scratched frame, but everyone loves a custom frame that won’t get damaged. All Mountain Style make this dream a reality. I haven’t used frame protectors before; now that I have tried them though, I wont be going back. Each and every one of my six bikes has one of these frame protectors. As they come in all different styles and
sizes there is an AMS frame guard to suit every bike. Personally, I love the animal prints and styles, especially the wolf one I have on my dirt jumper.

If you’re worried about the frame protector fitting your bike, don’t worry. All Mountain Style make classic, extra large and XXL sizes. Trust me, my Commencal Meta has a top tube like no other bike. It is HUGE. But the AMS frame guard still looks and fits perfectly. More and more bikes are being seen with these protectors.

Shuttle rash happens to a lot of bikes. Shuttle rash happens when your bike is put on a crash pad on the back of a ute again and again and again and, eventually, this wears the paint down. I solved this problem on my bikes by putting an AMS clear frame guard on the underside of my down tube. Now, I know some people are going to say that it will wear through the frame protector, but trust me, it doesn’t.

image1-e1520582025229.pngRocks, dirt, mud, sticks and other debris will inevitably hit your frame when you’re out riding mountain bike trails. In my opinion, it is a no-brainer to protect your bike to prolong its life. The many different styles and prints will customise your bike and leave others in jealousy. Installation is easy, too. Wipe down your frame with some alcohol, then dry, and then apply your frame guard making sure there are no air bubbles underneath. It’s that easy.

I strongly recommend this product as it has protected my frames and their designs have made my bike look like no other.

By Alex Unicomb – Pushys Sponsored Athlete

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  1. Sounds good………personally I use clear plastic self-adhesive film to do the same job which is a very flexible and inexpensive way to protect all parts of my bike.


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