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Pushys Sponsored Athlete: Jordan Holzworth

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State Queensland

Sport – Downhill Mountain Biking

Current Bikes
YT Tues CF Pro MOB Edition
YT Tues CF Pro 2017

How did you get into the sport?
When I was 6 years old I started on a 50cc pit bike and would ride around a big back yard. Over the years I progressed to a 110cc Honda off-road bike and by then I had a serious passion for riding difficult terrains at high speed and getting major air. At age 14 I borrowed my Mum’s cheap K-Mart special mountain bike and hit my local mountain bike trails. As quickly as I destroyed that bike, I realized how awesome mountain biking was. Soon after our family stumbled across an SEQ Downhill race at Illinbah and it was while I was watching this I became hooked on Downhill. Two Enduro bikes later I was on my first Downhill bike.

When was your first race?
My first race was at Mt Joyce in 2017. This was race 1 of the SEQ DH competition, as well at the National DH Championships. I showed up with my Giant Reign, Enduro tyre setup with standard tubes and no tools. Despite having multiple punctures, numerous damaged tyres, constantly borrowing tools and asking other riders for help all weekend, I had a great weekend and I was well and truly hooked.

Hardest thing about the sport?
The hardest and most frustrating thing about Downhill racing is the risk of having a mechanical problem during my race run. During a normal race weekend, I would do approximately 6 practice runs on the Saturday and 4 practice runs on the Sunday morning including Seeding. I would have almost no issues during practice. However, in 2018 I competed in 9 races overall, and had 3 race runs with mechanical problems. SEQ Round 1 – flat tyre. SEQ Round 4 – broken pedal. Cannonball – flat tyre. We have learnt a lot from these set backs and continue to minimize the risk of mechanical problems through parts selection, testing and maintenance.

Downhill riding every weekend. I aim to hit different locations to have varied experience and track conditions.
Three nights a week and have a session with a personal trainer.
I will also ride the local trails one afternoon a week just for some exercise.

I just love Downhill mountain biking. There are many aspects that I am passionate about. I love the challenge of riding through technical sections and trying to find the fastest line. I love the adrenaline boost I experience when I practice and when I compete. I love competing and challenging myself and then reviewing my improvement. I really enjoy the technical aspects regarding the bike, the parts and the strategy of how we approach a race weekend. I love getting air.

Future goals 2019?
I have very clear goals for 2019. I want to place Top 3 in National Championships and Oceania’s in April. I want to be selected for the Australian National Team and compete at the UCI MTB World Championships in Monte-Sainte-Anne Canada in September 2019. At a local level I want to win the Queensland U19 Championship and win the overall SEQ DH U19 competition.

December 2018 – Commencal Australian Open Downhill (Thredbo) – 25th Place (flat tyre)
October 2018 – Queensland State Championships – 2nd Place
September 2018 – SEQ DH Overall – 1st Place U19
September 2018 – SEQ DH Round 5 Illinbah – 2nd Place U19
July 2018 – SEQ DH Round 4 Coffs Harbour – 3rd Place U19 (broken pedal)
June 2018 – SEQ DH Round 3 – Boomerang Farm – 1st Place U19
May 2018 – SEQ DH Round 2 – Toowoomba – 1st Place U19
April 2018 – SEQ DH Round 1 – Kandanga – 3rd Place U19 (flat tyre)

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