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Pushys Sponsored Athlete – Laura Dennis

State: Queensland
Sport: Ironman Triathlon
Current bikes: Ridley Dean TT
Where do you live: Brisbane, Australia
How did you get into the sport:
I began triathlon in year 12 when I was dealing with an injury that required 6 months off running. I joined a local triathlon club that was based at my school, Vision Tri Club. I was based under Cath Rogers who still plays a big role in my life and we will always be close.
What does your regular training week consist of:
A balance of swim, bike, run and strength training. Anywhere from 20-25 hours a week dependent on the phase of training.
Best piece of advice you have been given:
One of my closest friends said to me the other day “I’m so tired of life being unfair, why me?!, something I’m sure we all say at times. My answer was one that my coach has instilled in me, “these are the opportunities to learn, to grow and to become resilient.” There have been some extremely challenging days this year, some I never knew which way was forward. Though they’ve taught me more than if it all went to plan and it makes the good days that much better!
If you’re going through a difficult patch just trust your journey, be patient and keep on keepin on.
Where you draw inspiration from:
My coach, Miles Browning. It’s a love hate relationship 😉
I may not always like what I hear, but 95% of the time it’s the truth and reality is, truth sometimes hurts. Mentors are incredibly important in our lives, find someone who not only knows you well, but who believes in you when you can’t see it yourself.
How do you keep motivated:
I fell in love with the improvements I started seeing daily and weekly. I liked how much this sport demanded and required of me mentally and physically each day. It’s not easy, but it can be so rewarding. Recognising your own improvement is important to grow and move forward because at the end of the day, we don’t do this to impress anyone else except ourselves. When you’re at a high point in life; stay humble and when you feel stuck in a low; stay hopeful.
2019 Results:
70.3 Huskisson 3rd
70.3 China 3rd
70.3 Vietnam 1st

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