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Pushys & [R]evolution MTB Entry-Level vs Top-of-the-Line Gloves

One thing that every mountain biker needs is a good quality set of gloves. When you jump on, you’ll discover a massive range of over 800 sets of gloves from different brands and different price levels. Now, that gets a little confusing – what’s the difference between an entry-level pair of gloves and a top-of-the-line pair of gloves? That’s something we’re going to explore today.

So let’s talk about entry-level gloves. You pick yourself up a pair of gloves from around sort of 20-30 bucks. This is the option from Fox – Their Ranger line. Fox has one of the largest gloves catalogues of any brand as they’ve been making gloves for a long time. The Ranger is quite typical of what you’ll find from most brands. They have a one-piece upper, a single-piece palm and nothing crazy-fancy. On gloves like this, you can’t go wrong and they definitely do the job well. They’re going to last just about as long as an expensive pair, but as I said nothing kind of too fancy and flash. Pretty basic and functional as you’d expect. 

Now we move all the way up the price bracket to a top-of-the-line pair of gloves. A top-of-the-line pair of gloves will set you back maybe even upwards of 100 bucks. This is the new Flexair Pro glove from Fox. A glove like this is absolutely packed with little features and details. The big difference between entry-level and premium gloves you’ll find is the construction method and materials. There are no straps and has a really custom fit – it’s almost like they feel like they’re tailor-made for your hand. That’s typical of a high-end glove that you get from most brands. You’ll get all those features where it’s just more ergonomic than an entry-level glove. It features better four-way stretch materials and maybe a bit of kevlar for protection. Often, these guys even have a little bit of padding in the D3o material too. This type of construction gives a bit more feel through the glove to the handlebars for more comfort and control while you’re riding. They’re not necessarily going to last any longer than entry-level pair of gloves, but you’re definitely going to have all these extra details. Details to give you more feel for the bars, more comfort while you’re riding and more breathability. 

When you are looking on for your next pair of gloves, keep some of those things in mind. The differences in MTB Gloves scale from entry-level all the way to the top

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Check out this video of the [R]evolution How To and other great content on YouTube here: Pushys YouTube Channel

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