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[R]evolution Product Review: Oakley Airbrake Goggles

When it comes to goggles if you’re after the best there is, look no further than the Oakley Aibrakes

Now what makes these goggles so good and so much different to everything else on the market is its lens. Unlike regular goggles where the lens is essentially flat and then bent into the shape of the goggle, with this you pop it out and the actual lens has a curvature that’s consistent, so the key attribute of that is your vision isn’t distorted because the lens is always designed to have the exact same consistent curvature. This means when you’re looking straight ahead down the track, your peripheral vision is crystal sharp as well

Another thing you’ll notice about the lenses on these is that they’re almost twice as thick as a standard lens that you’d find on other goggles, so that makes them high impact and it gives you a lot more protection. Check out the airbrakes and the entire Oakley range over at Pushys now

Shop at Pushys here

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