How to build your own trails

The process of building a trail is arduous, but also immensely satisfying. I’ve made plenty of mistakes during the process, so here’s my guide to help you avoid some mistakes and get started.


5 essential apps for cyclists

With some great quality phone mounts on the market now, taking your phone on your ride has never been easier. We’ve listed our favourite apps that every cyclist needs.


The new Dura-Ace groupset

Shimano works on a three-year life cycle for their products, redesigning and improving them with every iteration.  In 2016, it was Dura-Ace’s turn. Dura-Ace has always been the group set of choice for pro racers, with all but four teams choosing to run the superlative system, but Shimano isn’t content to rest on its laurels.  Rumoured to […]


Mountain biking jargon

If you’re new to the world of riding, you might hear some strange lingo, but read on and you’ll be talking like a pro in no time.