The new Castle Hill

Castle Hill, just east of Ipswich, has long had some of the best trails in South East Queensland. Recently, thanks to the guys at DirtArt, it just got even better.

Consistency in Training

Preparing for an endurance event requires a lot of training. Recognising the difference between too much and too little training can mean avoiding time out for injuries, illness and fatigue.

Jetsetting with your +1

Having travelled overseas for the last seven years to compete, here are some tips I’ve learnt to help you take your bike on your next adventure.

How to fit in as a mountain biker

Being a mountain biker is to be part of a community of friendly people who are out to have fun, and who usually don’t take themselves too seriously. Here’s our cheeky guide for how to fit in as a mountain biker!

Finding that annoying creaking

If you’re hearing that annoying creaking noise when you’re out enjoying a ride, don’t ignore it – here are some tips to help diagnose your bike’s complaints.