Product Review

The new Fox Proframe

The latest offering from Fox is their answer to the convertible helmets from Bell and Giro.  Designed as your do-it-all helmet, the Proframe is an enduro rider’s dream.  Passing full downhill certifications, with tonnes of vents for ultra breathability, this helmet is safe and cool at the same time.

The rise of enduro has lead to a plethora of innovations in the mountain biking industry, with the Fox Proframe being the latest production to come out of the machine that is the Enduro World Series.

Almost all EWS venues require a full face helmet for the timed downhill runs, yet, until now, full face helmets were too hot to climb in.  This meant racers had to carry two helmets, or get by with a convertible helmet which didn’t pass the downhill certifications required for that next level protection.  Fox saw this gap in the market and decided to do something about it: the Proframe.


Two years in development and designed in close association with their pro riders, this helmet sports all the latest technology: MIPS protection, Fox Varizorb multi density EPS (expanded polystyrene) and more vents than you could poke a stick at (24 to be exact).  Even with all this tech and the downhill certification, the Proframe is still one of the lightest full face helmets on the market.

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