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Production Privee

The eternal adage, ‘simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,’ might be the best way to describe this Andorran bike manufacturer. But don’t let the steel hardtails fool you, these bikes are completely dialed. At odds with current mountain biking trends, this company is producing high quality steel enduro hardtails like no one else. Working closely with mountain biking legend, Cedric Garcia, this company makes incredible bikes that will not disappoint.

With colour schemes inspired by vintage sports cars, each and every one of their bikes is a work of functional art, designed not only to rip down mountains, but to look good whilst doing it.

For Production Privee, reliability is king. Each of their bikes is constructed of high quality chromoly designed to keep maintenance to a minimum. Their bikes are so reliable that the company’s owner, Damien Nosella, states that a Production Privee rider should “never have to worry.”

Production Privee currently has three hardtails and one full suspension bike in their line up.

Shan 27 

Getting its looks from the Porsche 917 GULF and designed to be the ultimate enduro hardtail, the Shan 27 is where form meets function. As Privee’s most popular bike, it’s perfect for anyone wanting to push the limits at maximum efficiency.

  • 27.5 wheels, 26 inch compatible (with separate drop out kit)
  • 160mm of travel
  • High-end steel construction


Colours of the Shan 27 were inspired by the Porsche 917 made famous by Steve McQueen in the cult classic movie, Le Mans – definitely a conversation starter.

Shan GT

The companys’ proclaimed Grand Tourer, the Shan GT is the 29/27.5+ version of the Shan 27. Designed for less than ideal conditions, or simply long distance enduro expeditions, the Shan GT is perfect for the more adventurous of riders out there.

  • 29/27.5+ wheels
  • 120 – 140mm of travel


The Shan GT’s incredible paintwork emulates the Garretson Porsche 935 K3 1982, or the Rothman’s Porsche 962.


The OKA is the company’s all mountain hardtail, the ultimate do-it-all bike. Lighter, more agile, and with a perfectly tuned geometry, the OKA will go down anything you’re willing to. Combine that with the pedaling efficiency and climbing ability that only a hardtail can offer, and you have a bike that is up for each and every challenge.

  • 27.5 wheels
  • Lightweight steel tubing
  • 120-140mm of travel


Shan Nº5 Full Suspension

Brand new for 2017, the Shan Nº5 is Production Privee’s first step into the full suspension market is a bold one. With a single pivot suspension design, the same characteristics of simplicity, reliability and beauty for which Production Privee are known are not withheld. With 27.5 or 27.5+ wheels, 138mm of rear wheel travel, a low bottom bracket and a slack head angle, this is designed to ‘extract the maximum amount of pleasure.’

  • 138mm rear wheel travel
  • 140 – 160mm front wheel travel
  • 27.5/27.5+ wheels



Paying homage to the Porsche 911 UK by Singer, this bike will turn every head out on the trails.

Production Privee hardtails can be found at Pushys, with the full suspension bikes being shipped later this year.

INSIDER TIP: Want to get on a Production Privee bike, but don’t want to have to pay? Keep an eye out for Pushys’ Production Privee GIVEAWAY!

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