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Assos skin care for cyclists

None of us like getting saddle sore, it hurts for days and even worse, it keeps you off the bike. So whether you’re new to riding, gearing up for a full day on the bike, or just don’t want to take the risk, chamois cream is something you may want to consider.

Like any modern product, there are a number of different variations of chamois cream that all do essentially the same thing – they act as a lubricant to reduce friction in the perineal region. Secondary to this, many creams contain a slight antimicrobial effect to reduce the risk of skin infections.

To reduce the effects of friction, the creams contain oils that lubricate the movement of your body over the chamois and saddle. This stops the build up of friction in one area of your perineum, meaning you won’t walk like a cowboy for the three days after your ride.

The repetitive rubbing and subsequent damage to your skin, the major external barrier, can lead to skin infections, therefore many creams claim to possess an antibiotic component to help combat this. However, in this age of antimicrobial resistance, over-the-counter products may not always be sufficient in resolving some infections, so if you’re having trouble with skin or urinary tract infections, be sure to see a dermatologist so they can prescribe you something that will actually help and enable you to continue riding.

Assos Chamois Cream 

Assos has just launched their new Medic range of chamois creams, and if you’re looking for the ultimate in comfort on the bike, it’s one you can’t afford to miss.

The Assos brand is synonymous with quality. So much so that many pro riders choose to ride with their products despite not being officially sponsored by the brand. Assos Anti-Friction Chamois Cream has been designed in close association with a myriad of professional and test riders. They’ve taken all the feedback they can get and created the ultimate in rider comfort. Manufactured with longevity in mind, Assos has created a more viscous gel, designed to not wear out after the first few kilometres. Assos has also designed the gel to increase the life of your knicks. If you apply a small amout to the chamois after every laundering, the gel will help maintain elasticity, suppleness, and is designed to kill bacteria.

What really separates Assos from the competition, however, is the inclusion of a small volume of menthol in their gels. Menthol is a mild, reversible pain reliever, and is the same stuff commonly used in throat lozenges. This means that not only is the cream reducing friction, it’s also reducing your ability to feel it.

So if you’ve been struggling with riding in comfort, the

Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 10.34.36 am.png

new chamois creme from Assos may be just what you’re looking for.

Post Ride Cream 

If your nether region is particularly sensitive to the wear and tear of cycling, post ride skin repair may help to make sure you don’t have a falling out with the sport. Luckily, Assos has you covered here as well. Assos Skin Repair Gel contains a finely tuned mixture of naturally derived remedies to soothe that burning sensation that ignites every time you sit on a saddle. Designed to reduce irritation and promote epidermal generation, Assos post ride cream is an essential addition to your riding kit.

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