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Pirelli Tyres

Pirelli just announced its return to the bicycle tyre market, and as the company that produces tyres for the entire F1 circuit, Ferrari and Zonda, this is a brand that knows its way around a tyre.

Pirelli’s greatest advantage is the 110 years of experience they can draw on and cram into their tyres. Pirelli has taken some of their biggest motorsport technologies and applied them to the cycling world;

Functional Groove Design¬†is the pedal powered version of the tread design for their motor tyres.¬†Designed for optimal mileage, comfort handling, grip and water outflow, this feature is found on any of Pirelli’s tyres with a tread pattern. With a dynamic contact patch, engineered to maximise grip in the corners and minimise rolling resistance on the straights, the FGD is the manifestation of Pirelli’s vast tyre making experience.

By altering the makeup and bonding of the silica particles within the rubber compound of their tyres, Pirelli has been able to maximise wet grip, mileage, and puncture resistance, whilst minimising rolling resistance.

Pirelli has released three new tyres, the P Zero Velo, P Zero Velo TT and the P Zero Velo 4S. Each tyre has been designed in close association with world class athletes, each with a specific purpose in mind.


The P Zero Velo is Pirelli’s do-it-all tyre. Designed to minimise rolling resistance and weight without compromising on puncture protection of mileage, this is the tyre you commute, train and race on.


The P Zero Velo is available as a clincher, in 23c, 25c and 28c widths.


If you’re looking to save every gram and second possible, then the P Zero TT is the tyre for you. Weighing a meagre 165 grams, this bald tyre is designed to get you to the podium on race day. With maximal grip and minimal weight, even Pirelli has had to compromise on puncture resistance, so save this tyre for race day.

download (1).png

The P Zero is available as a clincher in a 23c width.


For those who prefer exploration to racing, Pirelli has the tyre for this, too. The P Zero Velo 4S is optimised for long days in the saddle, on sub-optimal roads in sub-optimal conditions. Designed for grip in all conditions and for the prevention of punctures, if you prefer the road less ridden, the 4S is for you.


The P Zero Velo 4S is available as a clincher, in 23, 25 and 28c widths.

All Pirelli tyres are now available at Pushys.

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