OPEN and Yeti

OPEN is a brand we’re very excited about here at Pushys! With top quality frames designed for all kinds of terrain, these bikes truly can do it all! OPEN don’t yet make a suspension frame, but now you can get the next best thing, thanks to OPEN’s collaboration with Yeti.

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by Andy Kessler (04-Dec-2017)

Our last limited edition was in cooperation with ASSOS and was based on the U.P.P.E.R. Now it’s time for another one based on the NEW U.P.

I have crossed paths a couple of times with YETI Cycles owner, Chris Conroy. We both worked at Scott a while ago (ok almost 25 years…). Back then, Scott was the owner of the Yeti- and Schwinn brand.  YETI was just the coolest brand out there with a couple of legendary riders and great bikes.

I will never forget the car ride I had with the crazy YETI founder, John Parker, to the downhill race in Kaprun. He was collecting pictures from every speed camera that we passed. The car that we had was a Scott company car and there were some people “not amused” when they got all the bills from the police a couple of weeks later.

Yeti passed through a couple of hands, and brand and product suffered. In 2001, Chris and Steve purchased the brand and repositioned it. Yeti had a very strong comeback and is now, again one of the leading brands when it comes to anything with suspension. We share the same design philosophy: building bikes we want to ride.

Here comes the intro video to this BOTM. As mentioned in the video, we have produced only 50 framesets. I am pretty sure they will all be gone very fast. So unless we can convince YETI to make another 50, then you better be quick… A bit more info you can find on the “Open Website”.

OPEN bikes are available from the Pushys website.

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