How to look after your new road bike

If you’ve just bought a new road bike, whether it’s your first or your 40th, you need to look after it. Here are our tips for keeping that new machine in top condition.



Keeping your drivetrain lubricated is the best way to maximise the life of your components. Once every few rides you should be cleaning your chain and reapplying a lubricant. To clean your chain, simply grab an old rag, hold it around your chain between the cassette and chainrings, and spin the pedals backwards. Once you’ve transferred all the muck of the ride to your now black rag, add a few millilitres of lube to your chain, whilst back-pedaling the cranks. Finally, clean off the excess lube from your chain by back-pedaling into your rag one last time.

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Cleaning products

Much like your drivetrain, cleaning your bike regularly helps to maximise the way your bike performs and lasts. Your frame has a number of moving parts, from headsets to suspension linkages, and letting dirt and grime build up in these areas is a great way to make sure your bike deteriorates rapidly. Give your bike a regular clean using a specialist bike cleaner.

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Prioritise your upgrades

No doubt you’re already planning the upgrades you’re going to add your new steed, but be sure to spend that money wisely. Manufacturers will tend to ‘hide’ cheap parts, sometimes using lower quality bottom brackets, bearings and tyres in order to save money, so that’s where your money is best spent. Sadly, ripping off your brand new, perfectly good mechanical groupset and replacing it with the newest electronic one can’t always be justified.

Cable stretch 

After a few weeks of riding, your shift cables have begun to stretch, and you’ll notice that the gears aren’t shifting as cleanly as before. All your bike needs is a simple gear tune; take it to your local bike shop, or try it yourself with our no-nonsense guide on how to adjust your derailleur.

The key to keeping your bike in great condition is regular cleaning and servicing; if you keep on top of this, your bike will last for years to come!


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