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Riders Review – Pro Stealth Saddle

Three weeks ago, it came time for me to shop around for a new saddle for my direct mount trainer dedicated Road Bike. As saddles do after time, mine had become bowed and hardened causing me discomfort on my daily stationary trainer rides. Little did I know I would be so amazed I would be buying another of the same for my primary XC racing Mountain Bike. Bicycle saddles are one of the most critical contact points between you and your bike to make you feel more comfortable, ride more efficiently, and alter your bike’s style. So, what is the enigmatic saddle in question?


The Pro Stealth Saddle not only looks cool, but even when it can’t be seen under the rider is when it really comes into play. From the top it is cushioned by lightweight EVA padding and supported by a one-piece Carbon Fibre composite base. This saddle is certainly on a diet and even if the 205 gram steel railed version isn’t light enough for you, they offer a 172 gram Carbon Fibre railed version – wow. A limited edition Chrome version is available too if a flash of silver is more your style. These are all available in a 142mm width, or 152mm width for your preference.

The Pro Stealth was designed in conjunction with the professional World Tour Road Racing Team, Giant Alpecin. The shape is designed to focus the rider’s weight on the sit bones through the saddle and relieve discomfort through the hollow centre channel. It is of a stubbier design with a flat wide nose to hold aggressive riding positions. It even has a two bolt mount at the rear to mount a water bottle cage, spare tools, or even an action camera!

I was recommended this saddle by one of my fellow Pushys workers that had his eye on this new saddle. I beat him to getting one on my bike, and after my first ride I quickly handed it over to him: “Dude, you have to try this”. I had to remind him to give it back! The Pro Stealth helped me improve my posture with a more flat back in a mere 2 weeks. I can credit this to its flatter plane than my previous saddle, the hollow centre channel and putting a second one on my mountain bike!


I believe in finding a saddle that fits you personally, and not the rest of your bike – why I put the ‘road oriented’ saddle on my mountain bike also. The Pro Stealth is a fantastic saddle and is focussed on simple design and enhanced rider contact. I recommend it for anyone wanting to improve their position on a road or mountain bike! More efficiency is only one link away at Pushys Online:

By Pushys Sponsored Athlete – Kaiden Carter

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