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Riders Review – Pushys Giant Limited Edition Cycling Jersey

Pushys_Giant_LTD_Edition_Jersey_Product_Review1When something is titled with Limited Edition, it inspires the thought that it is something unique and ‘next level’. Take these points and throw your favourite Online Bike Shop brand proud over the chest and you have a recipe for a stunning jersey. The Pushys Giant Limited Edition SS Cycling Jersey is just that. With ingredients of a form-fitting race cut that feels soft on the skin mixed in with collaboration from Pushys partner Giant Bikes, this is the jersey you’ll never leave in your cupboard. You just won’t want to take it off – I didn’t!

This Cuore (Switzerland) styled jersey has as many features as Pushys has fans. Starting from the front, it sports aerodynamically designed sleeves and front panels for maximum air slipperiness and a full length front zip for easy fitting. At the sides, please welcome Cuore’s Power Seam technology – a non-abrasive method of stitching to make for the soft on the skin feeling in a body-hugging race fit. The snag-free high quality zip brings the Pushys chest together at the top into the stretchy collar. The back panel is constructed with incredibly breathable material to redistribute as much heat out and behind as possible. This comes down to 3 secure back pockets for gear and nutrition held in place by a silicone lined drop tail hem.

Pushys_Giant_LTD_Edition_Jersey_Product_Review2I was proud to have represented this jersey at the 2019 QLD State Championship race on the 29th September. My Expert category started at midday at a dry 33 degrees. This is a variable for serious consideration in lining up for a high paced Cross Country (XC) race in dry South East Queensland. This was the first time I had worn this jersey in the circumstances and was immediately impressed at the comfortable design. For an XC race as such, I want to be able to focus as much as possible on riding in control and excellent efficiency. When you are wearing a second layer of skin for a jersey that felt like it was extracting heat from your body, I felt inspired to put more into the pedals. The icing on the cake/bullet in the barrel? I didn’t even feel the need to take my Pushys Giant jersey off or lower my zip after 1:45 in the Queensland sun. I was just too confident in its ability to expel body heat!

The Pushys Giant LTD ED jersey is a fantastic addition to your cycling wardrobe. Along with the Pushys Giant Long Sleeve Thermal jersey and Pushys Giant Wind Splash Vest you can wear this conversation starter of a kit all year round. A rhetorical question lights up my thoughts every time I zip up this jersey: how could the comfiest jersey I’ve ever worn also be the coolest (pun intended)? I think I have the answer now. I believe it has something to do with Pushys passion to deliver the best bike products the world over, just this time, it has OUR name on it.


Send us a photo of yourself wearing your new Pushys Giant LTD ED SS Cycling Jersey! We’d love to post it across our social media. You might even score a ‘thank-you’ gift from us!

By Pushys Sponsored Athlete – Kaiden Carter


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