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Pushys Review – Leatt AirFit Lite

There’s no two ways about it, getting set up with a new bike and the associated paraphernalia is an expensive endeavor, but there are great ways you can and should money throughout the process. However, when riding, there are three things, on the quality of which you should never compromise. Your brakes, your helmet, and your body armor, and when it comes to body armor, Leatt is the brand you want between your body and the trail. I’ve been wearing the 3DF Airfit Lite for some time now and I am yet to be disappointed! I’d always avoided body armor out of fear of it being too annoying to justify its use, but I can honestly say, after a ride or two, you forget it’s even there! However, comfort, really, is only a fringe benefit, what matters is great protection, which the 3DF AirFit Lite has in spades. Protecting everything from your chest, back and shoulders and forearms with some lite padding at the hips, the peace of mind that wearing this armor gives, allows me to push my limits, and improve my riding!

Personally, I’ve chosen to wear Leatt’s T-Shirt style body armor, which for my style of riding gives me the protection I need, while still allowing plenty of airflow!

What sets the Airfit apart from the other brands of body armor, and where Leatt has spent its R&D budget, is their foam. It’s soft and flexible, which makes it comfortable to wear, but it somehow, I have no idea how, I’m not a materials engineer, hardens on impact for great protection, should you come off your bike. But the cherry on top of all of this is the fact that each of the foam pads is removable, making machine washing a breeze!

…but I can honestly say, after a ride or two, you forget it’s even there!

The 3DF Airfit comes in three styles, each offering a increasing level of protection, from a vest, protecting your chest, back and hips. A T-shirt style, protecting your chest, back, hips and shoulders and for those requiring bomb-proof protection, a full-sleeved style for added arm protection. Each of these protectors is designed with a low profile so it can be worn underneath your jersey, and is optimized to facilitate as much airflow as possible, keeping you cool out on the trails!


I highly recommend this product, simply because the protection that it offers is a must-have for anyone looking to get into the trail, enduro or downhill mountain biking scene! Head to for the best prices on all of Leatts range!

By Luke – Pushys sponsored athlete

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