Save your back! Evoc bike bag XL review

Last year I travelled using a bike box for the entire year, but now that I’ve received an Evoc bike bag from Pushys online, I travelled to New Zealand a week or so ago, using it for the first time, and man, was it good!


I even took home gold in the U19s while I was there!

First of all, it makes packing your bike a breeze, you simply remove both wheels, pedals, derailleur and bars, strap it up and you are good to go!


Everything is super well organised!

It has compartments where you can put all the spare parts you need, with room for your pedals and more!

The bag has separate compartments for both your wheels on either side, with next-level padding to protect your rotors, plus, you can fit a spare wheel and or tires in the bag itself if you need! (as I did whilst travelling to NZ)


The guys at Evoc have thought of everything, and include great wheel and disc rotor protection with the bag!

The Evoc XL bike bag has awesome protection all round, so you don’t have to worry about your bike getting damaged like I did when travelling with a bike box, the Evoc XL bike bag has padded foam on either side and more heavy-duty on the front and rear of the bag, with super heavy-duty plastic bottom strips to help maintain the bag’s shape.


Your bike is protected from every angle, so that when the guys at the airport toss it round, you know it’s safe!

The thing I like most about the Evoc XL bike bag are its wheels! No need to break your back trying to carry a bike box around, the Evoc XL bike bag has wheels at the bottom with handles on either side so you can simply tow it around!

The Evoc XL bike bag comes in at a price of $719.99 on Pushys online, definitely not the cheapest of items for your bike but 100% worth every cent, especially if you travel frequently overseas with your bike (as I do). Check them out at Pushys.com.au 

By Luke Meier Smith – Pushys sponsored athlete


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