YBN chains – Better performance for longer

If you’re not in the know, there’s a good chance you haven’t heard of YBN chains. It’s likely that you or your bike shop replaces your chain with more readily available, stock drivetrains brands such as Shimano, Campagnolo or SRAM.

I’ve never thought too much about chain selection, until reading an independent chain comparison article. The article compares chain wear, lifespan, friction amongst other items.

Surprisingly, when I used my own Park Chain tool to check a brand new Shimano Dura-Ace chain, it was already past the .25 reading. I did exactly the same with my YBN and it was perfect with a reading of 0. My YBN chain had already accumulated over 2000km before it reached the .25 reading that Shimano’s chain measured at new. Essentially, this means that there is less movement between links and results in a quieter more precise shifting.

At the outset, this may not be enough of a reason for you to spend $100 on a YBN chain compared to the $70 Shimano chain. But in addition to better performance, over time, I’ve been able to get over 9000km on a single YBN chain before reaching 0.75 reading on my Park chain checker tool. In contrast, I usually replace my Shimano Dura-Ace chains every 2000-3000km. Do the math and it’s a no brainer if value is your main consideration. Not only do I get more life out of the YBN, but it is quieter with a more immediate shift feel.

The benefits of a YBN chain

  • Longer lasting
  • Increase lifespan of drivetrain
  • Smoother and more immediate shifting
  • More precise shifting for longer
  • 3-4x extra lifespan compared to a Shimano Dura-Ace chain

I am so impressed by YBN, that I will be changing all my bikes over when the time comes…

As a note and good practice, I wax all my chains with WEND Wax

By Ricky Swindale – Pushys sponsored athlete

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