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Healthy Feet, Happy Feet: The Importance of Technical Socks

Distance athletes are typically renowned for having ‘ugly’ feet – the long miles and extensive time spent in shoes can have all sorts of strange and pain-evoking consequences. As a podiatrist, I’ve seen them all! Blisters and blood blisters, corns and callousing, tinea, fungal infections, plantar warts and black toenails can all cause considerable pain and discomfort. Luckily there are many remedies. Wearing technical socks can make a huge difference to the comfort and health of your feet.

Did you know… your feet contain over 250,000 sweat glands that excrete about 200mL of sweat per day? For this reason, socks are very important to ensure your feet remain as cool and dry as possible. Technical socks are comprised of high-quality synthetic materials that have superior moisture-wicking properties. Drawing the moisture and heat away significantly reduces the likelihood of developing blisters, hot spots and fungal infections. Thickness varies between different sock styles, but thickness doesn’t necessarily mean more cushioning. You should determine the thickness you find most comfortable, and that best complements the fit of your shoes. Black toenails are most commonly the result of ill-fitting shoes and biomechanics, but ensuring your socks fit correctly can be beneficial. Anatomically designed pairs with specified left and right socks can improve fit around the toes and cause less pressure to the apexes of your toes.

To look after your feet and ensure your sock game is on point, check out the great range of technical running and cycling sock available from Pushys Online.

– By Emily Donker – Qualified Podiatrist and Pushys sponsored athlete

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