Product Recommendation

Look Keo 2 Max Road Pedals 

This year was all about tweaking my bike set up to maximise my ride and one of the last things to look at was my pedals. I have been using Look pedals for around 6 years now and have been very happy with them. But it wasn’t until I moved to the Look Keo 2 Max around 3 months ago, that I really noticed the difference.
Not only was I now securely in my pedals throughout my ride thanks to the adjustable spring being able to be custom set between 9 and 15 to suit my needs, but I had a 340mm2 surface area to push down on. As a female rider with a high cadence, I am looking to maximise my power output to make my next big leap in gains. My first race with these pedals on was Ironman Western Australia where I took a whopping 27 minutes of my time the year before. No doubt I am a better rider this year but it was the same bike, same wheels, same saddle, same helmet. The only change was the pedals this time around.
The Look Keo 2 pedals were fabulous throughout my training with no hot spots or numb toes from day dot. Despite over 1000km on them before race day they are quiet, smooth and functioning as new – good sign they will last me quite a while. The triple bearing set up certainly goes a long way to assisting with that.
At just 130g each, they make very little difference to the overall weight of my set up despite being a composite pedal, and there was certainly no discernible difference when I changed from the previous Look pedals. They are not as light as the carbon version but I was not too concerned with weight on this occasion.
I’d certainly recommend these for intermediate riders who are looking for performance but without the hefty price tag of full carbon.
By Michelle Cooper – Pushys sponsored athlete

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