Product Recommendation


Cyclists- the cops are onto us! Whether we like it or not, unfortunately even the road cyclists, track cyclists and triathletes among us are required to have a bell attached to our bike- that is unless you want to be slapped with an excessive fine. Pushys stocks a great range of bells, so you can find one that fits your budget, and of course matches your bike.

hide-my-bell-garmin-computer-mount-and-bell-black-H-328415-bell-view.jpgThe ‘hide my bell’ Garmin mount cleverly integrates a bell into the mounting piece for Garmin bike computers. The bell is everything you could want – hidden! – and it’s built into something many of us already use, so it’s a great option. For those eccentrics among us, there are various brightly coloured, patterned and decorated bells. Of course there are also numerous choices of bell types in black. Be wary about the mounting/attachment options for each of the bells. You don’t want to be caught out being unable to attach it to your bike. Many of them offer elasticized bands, which are more versatile and will fit to various different handlebars, stems, seat posts or rear stays (or wherever else you may want to mount your bell).

– By Emily Donker – Pushys sponsored athlete

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