Riding Tips

Overheating easily?

Overheating can be a big issue and can result in poor performance, or worse a DNF. To ensure your body temperature is kept as low as possible, try these simple tips:

  1. Hydrate sufficiently prior to racing or training. This will also promote your body’s ability to recover after those hard sessions.
  2. Set your watch or timer when racing to drink something every 15mins. A simple beep will remind you to take on fluid. Keeping hydrated throughout the event is key to keeping on top of your body’s requirement to stay hydrated. If you are ‘thirsty’, you have left it too late and the ability to rehydrate and assist your performance is lost. You need to drink before becoming thirsty to avoid depletion of vital minerals.
  3. Use electrolytes and not just water when training and racing

Try these tips and see how you go. Remember, the key is to keep hydrated and not fall into a dehydrated and ‘thirsty’ state

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