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Road shoes for triathlon

The shift in recent times for long course triathletes from a ‘triathlon shoe’ with Velcro straps to a ‘road shoe’ with dials is a sure fire way to blitzing your next bike. Long course triathletes have become more aware that the more comfortable you are during a ride, the longer you can hold your aero position and the more power you can put to the pedals. So what is the main difference between a road shoes and a triathlon shoe?

What is the difference
Road shoes generally have a more secure feeling of keeping your foot in place within the shoe. This is ensured through increased number of straps, ratchets and dials that do not slip. A triathlon shoe will most likely have a single or dual velcro strap which allows for quick entry into the shoe when you are pedalling but at the cost of having a little bit of movement in the heel of the shoe which can cost you power and speed out on the course.

Some tips
Use road shoes when you are riding for 2hr +
Use road shoes when you are confident of your handling skills and can put your shoe on whilst on the go
Use road shoes if you put your shoes on in transition

Will it benefit you?
It is no secret that cyclists are faster on two wheels compared to their three sport counterparts, so it makes sense to utilise as much of the road technology as possible with helping us triathletes to reach our potential on the bike. Having your foot more securely fastened will ensure more power to the pedal without heel slip or movement.

So if you are looking to get faster on the bike without more training, get yourself a pair of road cycling shoes for your next triathlon.

– By Ricky Swindale – Pushys sponsored athlete

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