Product Recommendation

Shimano TR900 Triathlon Shoes

I’ve always ridden in triathlon shoes, but my new Shimano TR900 Triathlon Shoes have taken comfort to a whole new level, and despite only riding in them a handful of times so far, I’m very impressed.

Transitions were a breeze during their first race outing at Mooloolaba on Sunday! The assymetrical pull loop on the back of heel made it super easy to slip my feet into the shoes quickly and get pedaling. The sturdy Velcro strap across the midfoot provides a comfortable, secure fit and ensures ease of adjustability. I also love the additional thinner Velcro strap across the forefoot – it allows for greater adjustability and eliminated the tightness and restriction that I’ve suffered from in previous shoes.

As a podiatrist, I was pleased to find that Shimano offer a Women’s specific fit in this shoe. The shaping throughout the shoe, particularly the heel counter, is gender-specific to further enhance fit. The carbon composite sole is lightweight and provides a strong and stiff base to encourage power transfer. As with other cycling shoes, cleat position is completely adjustable, with clear markings on the sole making it easy to self-adjust and keep track of positioning.

The lightweight mesh upper is breathable and comfortable, and I’ve found the shoes to fit really well both with and without socks. I can’t wait to ride many more km’s in these shoes.

– By Emily Donker – Pushys sponsored athlete

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