Product Recommendation

Vision Metron Tubular Disc Wheel

I have wanted a disc wheel for as long as I have had my TT bike, but never felt that I was a strong enough rider to warrant having one.  Having spent considerable time working on my bike strength, this addition to my setup has come at the right time.
Made of carbon fibre in both the rim and fairing construction, it feels as light as a feather. I noticed no difference in weight during my test rides on flats, and at just 995g it is just over 150g heavier than my previous wheel – hardly an issue when the aerodynamic advantages are considered.  The wheel cornered well and was responsive under braking.
On the sprint straights it wound up quicker than expected and held top speed effortlessly. It isn’t as noisy as some disc wheels yet still emits that comforting sound of the air rushing across the outside of your line.  Those around me described it as a helicopter taking off but I think it was more akin to a stealth aircraft!
This is my first experience with tubular tyres, but I found them to be easy enough to set up and rolled well on the test course.  I’ve opted for a 22mm tyre at this stage, but will review this dependent on the course I’m racing.  I’m using it with an 11-speed cassette running Ultegra Di2 gearing.
Visually, the wheel looks spectacular.  The branding creates a streak of excitement on the bike as it rolls ever faster with the red being the true highlight.  They’re built entirely by hand, and you can see the perfection in the finish both up close and from a distance.
I’ve paired the disc with the Metron 81 tubular for some serious speed and aerodynamics at oncoming long course races.  The pairing is spectacular and well worth considering for those looking to take their time trial bikes to the next level.
By Michelle Cooper – Pushys sponsored athlete.

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