Riding Tips

8 ways to convince your significant other you need a new bike

  1. It’ll give you a better body.  What’s not to love about a banging new bod.  The promise of a new body is a surefire way to get your hands on that new rig, ASAP. ed_fury_and_jackie_coey_1953
  2. It’ll save money in the long run.  It makes sense, you lay out a few grand initially, but all of a sudden, you aren’t driving your car, so there’s those expenses gone, and then there’s less doctors appointments, no more gym memberships, and before you know it, you’ll have money for the more important things in life.
  3. It will bring you closer as a couple.  Quality time is something that many relationships lack in this digital age.  If you both get new bikes, you can spend more time with your better half on your new bikes, exploring the local forest or cruising some scenic loops with some coffee stops along the way.  A great way to make some fun memories with your partner. unnamed.jpg
  4. It will take the stress out of you.  In a world where everything needs to be done yesterday, riding can slow you down and give you time out to enjoy yourself and your surroundings.  Without an outlet, its easy to crack under the pressures we deal with daily, and we all know the best outlet is being out on a new bike, feeling the wind in your face, without a care in the world. cyclist-riding-under-blue-skies.jpg
  5. Exercise makes you happier.  We all know the saying ‘Happy wife, happy life,’ but whether wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, that can apply to you, too.  If you’re happy, they’re happy.  Remind them of this, and they’ll be begging you to stop whining and just get that new bike.
  6. You’ll live longer.  Fake a health scare, and then inform them your doctor prescribed a new bike to get you fighting fit again.  It’s guaranteed to have you on a new steed faster than you can say ‘aero gains.’
  7. Compromise.  Buy a motorcycle.  When your partner freaks out, tell them you will reluctantly give up the motorcycle if you could have something like a bicycle to console yourself.  They’ll gladly see you buy that flashy new bike you’ve been lusting after for the last few months in exchange for you selling the motorbike.
  8. It’ll make them healthier.  Is your partner also saying they are going to lose weight and get fit, but perhaps needs some further encouragement?  Here’s the simple solution: buy two bikes!  Now you have your workout and date night all wrapped up in one.

And remember, it’s always easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission.

Disclaimer – The author does not take any responsibility for any damage that may occur to a relationship whilst attempting to convince a partner of the benefits of a new bike using any of the above reasons.


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