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How to set up T2 in a triathlon

It’s not about the bike… well, not all about the bike.  You can save yourself valuable seconds in your next triathlon by organising your second transition a bit better, making for a clean getaway after you’ve put in all that effort after your ride.

Planning:  Before you start your race, make sure you take the time to walk out to the location where you will dismount your bike.  This will provide you with a concept of your bike’s ‘parking spot’ when it comes time to run.

Position:  Identify the position your bike is placed.  By this, I mean if you are running in and racking your bike to your left, then you want to position your running shoes to the right of your bike.  This will ensure you can rack your bike safely and not worry about tangling yourself up in your running shoes.

Placement of T2 items:  Your running shoes should be ready to go.  See below

  • Socks:  If using socks, ensure these are unfolded and placed in each shoe separately, with the socks rolled down to half your foot size.  Then simply roll up the sock for a good fit.
  • Laces:  Pre-tension your laces before the event to ensure you can slide your foot in quickly and easily without having to adjust.
  • Anti-friction:  Powder your shoes before the event, to the heel, forefoot and top of the foot.  Baby powder works fine.
  • Tongue:  The tongue of your shoe can be a huge time waster and prime blister maker if it folds over when putting your foot into your shoe.  Fold the tongue of your shoes up and away to minimise the chance of this occurring.

Minimise your time in T2

  • Rack your bike by the seat or handlebars
  • Take off your helmet
  • Slip on your shoes (use BodyGlide or another anti-friction product that will ensure a quick and easy getaway)
  • Pick up your hat, glasses and race number belt and put these on whilst on the move

Quick tip:  Use elastic laces on your running shoes in transition.

By using these easy tips you save yourself from wasting valuable time in transition, and that could be the difference between beating your mates out there or even scoring a podium position.

By Ricky Swindale – Pushys sponsored athlete

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