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Here at Pushys, we love bringing you great brands that you can’t get your hands on anywhere else, and the latest award-winning clothing brand, Sugoi, is one you’ll definitely want to check out.  It’s the company that clothes Cannondale Factory Racing and elite level triathletes such as Andy Potts, so you know their products are engineered for success. Here’s some of their innovations that make us think you should check them out. 

Modular Clothing


With one simple innovation, Sugoi has resolved the issue of having to decide whether to carry around an extra rain jacket on those more questionable of days.  Sugoi’s Versa range instantly transforms from a long sleeve jacket to a short sleeve riding jersey with no-fuss magnetic clips.  Perfect for being prepared when all your mates aren’t.

Visual revolution

Sugoi’s Zap technology is the one of the biggest leaps forward in cyclist safety since the introduction of the helmet.  The jackets appear as normal clothing during the day, but are designed to reflect car headlights, lighting up like a Christmas tree and giving you the best opportunity to be seen on the road.

Firewall Technology


Sugoi’s winter jacket is a must have for anyone cycling in those harsher climates.  Designed for optimal wind resistance, ultra-breathability and warmth for the coldest of days, this jacket stands up to winter so you don’t have to.

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