Product Recommendation

JetBlack Z1 Pro Fluid Hydrogel Trainer

Call me crazy but I quite enjoy a good turbo trainer set.  I think it’s because I can let my mind wander away and not have to worry about traffic!  The truth is I like turbo trainer sessions because they work.

I’m on my second JetBlack Z1 Fluid Trainer, and there are a few reasons why I’ve stuck with this brand and model.

Most importantly, it has been the most stable trainer I have ever used.  Whether I am inside or on the grass, sprinting or pushing some big gears, the Z1 gives me the comfort knowing that I can push ahead and it will keep me grounded.

Whilst it isn’t silent, it certainly isn’t the noisiest trainer I have ever used, which is an important consideration as I mostly watch TV or listen to music while on the trainer, so I don’t want to be competing with the whir of a turbo.

The hydrogel roller gives a nice grip on the tyre without wearing it out too quickly, so if I forget and leave my racing tyre on for a session, it isn’t the end of the world.

The JetBlack Cycling App gives me some training options to utilise if I want to change it up and excitingly it is also Zwift compatible, making for endless virtual entertainment.

I always use the front tyre block so that I’m in the perfect position, and I use the trainer mat to catch the copious amounts of sweat that can be generated during a tough session.  The Z1, with its ability to progressively increase the resistance applied, certainly brings out a tough session!  If you are going to spend the time on the trainer, make sure you are using one that actually helps improve your cycling and doesn’t just turn the legs over.

By Michelle Cooper – Pushys sponsored athlete

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