Product Review

2018 Fox Suspension



2018 Fox 36 Features

• Float EVOL air spring
• 15×100, 15×110, or 15/20mm convertible thru axle
• 26″, 27.5″, or 29″ options
• Travel: 27.5″ – 150, 160, 170mm  |  29″ – 150, 160mm  |  26″ – 100mm (Dirt Jumping), 160, 180mm

The Fox line up didn’t receive a massive overhaul this time around, because, well, it didn’t need one.  However, the latest iteration of the product is no less impressive.  The major change for the 2018 Fox 36 is an increased negative air spring volume, known as EVOL, giving a smoother rebound feel, as well as a simplified volume reducer system.  The new spacer system more closely resembles RockShox’s snap on system, rather than the current slide on system from previous Fox products.  

Rather than decreasing the number, Fox has added products to their line up, with forks available in every imaginable configuration, optional boost spacing, every wheel size, and every travel option from 150 to 180mm – you choose the fork you want.  A nice touch is not leaving our 26″ brothers out in the cold, with enduro compatible options for the smallest wheel size available in this 2017 fork.

AX Adventure Cross Suspension Fork


The biggest change for the new line up is the addition of the AX Adventure Cross Suspension Fork.  In the past few years, we’ve seen the rise of do-it-all road bikes, blurring the lines between road and cyclocross, and now it seems the lines between CX and mountain are no longer distinctive.  More and more, people are wanting bikes that can do everything, with adventure and gravel riding being the fastest growing markets in cycling.


Fox has seen the need for innovation and come out with an adventure suspension fork. The AX is a 40mm travel fork built around the 700c wheel size, with the EVOL spring, and the FIT4 damper, so it’s a full mountain bike fork that’s been redesigned for adventure riding.

Whilst it may be a while before we see anything like this appearing in cyclocross races, who are we to say that a race ready fork isn’t in development?


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