Product Recommendation

Scicon Triathlon Bag

Each year I travel to five or six races that I need to pack my bike for.  In the past I’ve used bike boxes from my local bike shop, then progressed to some cheap bike bags, but a couple of years ago I made the change to a Scicon bag, opting for the Aerocomfort Triathlon Bag.  Quite literally, it has changed the way I travel for races.

Not only has it cut down the time to pack and unpack my bike, it limits the amount of dismantling required, which means it is always in perfect position when I get to my race destination.  That alone is worth the expense.  As athletes, we pay a lot of money to have our bikes fitted to aero perfection and even the slightest error in putting them back together, despite the best laid masking tape guides, can mean an uncomfortable ride and a loss of power.

There is plenty of space to put a bike pump, your shoes, helmet and other gear and still be under the required airline weight.

As far as instructions go, there are YouTube videos on how to pack a bike into this bag, but in truth, the visuals on the inside of the bag are sufficient.  You simply remove your wheels, lock the frame onto the stand with the supplied skewer, use the padded covers to protect your frame and you are ready to roll.

There is plenty of space to put a bike pump, your shoes, helmet and other gear and still be under the required airline weight.  With that and a backpack, I can manage just about any race without additional luggage.

Finally, it’s the easiest thing to manage through airports.  So easy in fact that I can do so with a single hand and without breaking a sweat.  The multi-directional castor wheels mean it turns better than my tri bike packed inside  it, and with four of those wheels, you aren’t dragging the bag, instead you’re just wheeling it.  I’ve lost count of how many of my athletes have switched over since seeing how easy it is for me to manage my bike compared to the struggles they go through using other methods.  Do yourself a favour: if you care about the money you’ve spent on your bike, get a bike bag that treats it with the same respect.

By Michelle Cooper -Pushys sponsored athlete

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