Riding Tips

Forcing yourself out of bed

Riding your bike just not giving you the same kick it used to?  If it’s getting harder and harder to get yourself out on the road or trails, here’s our guide to putting that fire back in your belly, or at least helping you get out of bed.

Find someone to go with


If you know someone else is already up and waiting for you to meet them, it’s a lot harder to justify crawling back into bed, especially when that extra hour of sleep could cost you a friend, so get a riding buddy.  Just make sure they’re more committed than you are!

Try a new route

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If you’ve been riding the same loop or trails for the last six months, it’s understandable that you would become bored.  So break up the monotony with a new ride.  If you’ve got nothing planned for the day, try being spontaneous – don’t even pre-plan a ride, just start riding and see where the road takes you.  Just be sure that you’ve got enough water and spares to get you out of a jam.  For the mountain bikers out there, download trailforks and see what different trails are in your area – then, just go. 

Buy some new kit


If you’ve got a fancy new helmet or a killer new set of lycra, you’re going to be jumping at the chance to try it out on the bike, so treat yourself, it may be just what you need to start enjoying riding again.  Or simply give your bike some TLC – a little maintenance can help you bike feel like new again.  Check out our article on how to know when your bike might need a bit of care and repair.

Take some time off

Like any relationship, sometimes you need to take a step back and take some time to remember what you love about being together.  Give your bike a week or two in the garage, and trust me, before you know it you’ll be raring to get back out there.

Set achievable goals


Whether you’re training for a big race, getting fit or just out to have fun, burning out is a very real thing.  It can be difficult to try to balance work or study with serious training, and if you’ve only just got on a bike for the first time, don’t expect to be throwing down hundreds of k’s straight away.  Set yourself goals that are achievable, otherwise you’ll want to give up because you’ll feel like you’re failing, which is a very fast way to crush your motivation.

Put your alarm on the other side of the room

If you actually have to get out of bed to hit the snooze button, you may as well just put on your kit and head out on your bike instead of going back to bed.  Once you’re out of bed it’s a lot easier to get yourself out of the house.  So don’t make your alarm easy to get to, you’ll hate it when it goes of, but will be thankful for it in the end when you’re out enjoying your morning ride.

Set new and exciting goals

Try committing to some riding events or plan a riding holiday.  For the mountain bikers, here’s a snapshot of one we think you should add to the bucket list – the Old Ghost Road in New Zealand.  There’s nothing like having a training goal with a deadline to step up your motivation and training to a whole new level.

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