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Rider Review – When a kit is more than a kit

I’ve worn a lot of kits in my time, and as a club owner I am regularly approached by apparel manufacturers to change over our supplier arrangements to them. So I am often a little dubious when a company tells me that their kit is the best quality at the best price. However, I am now convinced that the Pushys kit is one of the most comfortable kits I have ever worn – big statement, I know.

Three times a week I reach into my bottomless drawer of cycling kits to pick out what I will wear and I inevitably find myself searching for this one over and over again. From short rides of 30km to long 160km+ rides to tough sessions on the turbo trainer, I have found the kit to be soft, durable and most importantly, it protects me from any chafing! The chamois is a moulded piece that hasn’t rolled, scrunched, bunched or buckled despite the constant use and washing.

I will admit that I had not heard of Motion prior to wearing this kit so I had no pre-conceived ideas about the brand. I am pleasantly surprised and even happier that they are Melbourne based, keeping jobs local. It has all the standard features you could want, such as UV protection (vital when you are on the bike for 5+ hours), INVISTA’s COOLMAX® freshFX® fabric so my kit never smells like it has been through the kind of workouts it is subjected to, and reflective trim to help keep me safe on the road.

I see a lot of riders out in kits that are mismatched, worn out and poorly fitting. For such an affordable price, you can’t look past the value that the Pushys kits bring and seriously, when you are representing such a great brand with awesome customer service, it gives you some serious street cred on the bike. We cyclists love to talk about where we get our gear and I am always amazed at how readily people will talk to me about their own great experiences with Pushys when I am out in the kit.

If you don’t want to be black and blue from poor fitting kits rubbing and chaffing, get yourself a Pushys kit today.

By Michelle Cooper – Pushys Sponsored Athlete

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