Product Recommendation

DMR Vault Pedals

I have never, and most probably will never, ride in clips. To be honest, the thought of being clipped into my bike while hurtling down a steep, rocky hill makes me more nervous than actually riding down a steep rocky hill! I am a flat pedal fan for life. Therefore, I need a flat pedal that is reliable, extremely grippy, hard wearing, light weight and also looks good on my bike.

dmr-vault-pedals-9-16inch-green-DMR-VAULT-LL.jpgAfter initially trying an alternative brand of flat pedal and frequently losing my feet and ending up with the feared pedal down the shin numerous times, I recently decided to try DMR Vault 9/16″ flat pedals. They are made from lightweight, durable, 6062 aluminium, with 4140 CrMo steel axles. The pedals have 11 hex head pedal pins, 11 per side, that thread in from the opposing face. These pins can be changed around to suit your riding style. The pins aren’t sharp and scratchy like some alternative brands. This combination makes the DMR Vault flat pedals super tough and ideal for tackling steep terrain. The DMR Vaults are easily serviceable if required.

I frequently ride in rough and rocky conditions and not once since I have switched over to these pedals have I lost my foot whilst riding. Even with an older, worn shoe, the pedals are still incredibly grippy. The large platform helps support your feet and the thin profile helps with ground clearance. My feet feel secure when jumping and I can easily move my feet off the pedals if required. The tapered shape and design of the pedal reduces the chance of pedal strikes and minimizes the chance of slipping a pedal.

dmr-vault-lacon-signature-9-16inch-pedals-oil-slick-DMR-VAULT-SLICK-LACONThe DMR Vault flat pedals come in a variety of colours, such as black, orange, white, red, chrome, blue, green and purple as well as a few signature colours. I have the Lacon Signature pedals in Oil Slick (pictured). They look amazing, especially in the sun, and match the purple theme on my bike perfectly. Since fitting them to my bike I have had numerous comments about how good the pedals look.

I thoroughly recommend these pedals. They are reliable, hard wearing, look amazing and, most importantly, they’re extremely grippy. After trying these pedals I will never go back to any other brand.

By Jodi Newton



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