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Rider Review – Wheel selections for triathlons

I used to think people who had multiple sets of wheels for racing were a bit obnoxious, but frankly, I am now in that same boat. And there’s a good reason.

As I’ve taken to racing such varied triathlon distances and courses in recent years, it has become apparent that one wheel does not suit all conditions. For instance, a short course draft-legal race has very different requirements to a long course Ironman on a flat course.

I am lucky enough to have a few sets of wheels to choose from now but when it came time to decide on the wheels for my final long course race later this year, the choice was made for me. The race rules stipulate no disc wheels due to high winds on the island, so I needed a backup plan.

Enter the Vision 81 SL Clincher for the rear and matching 55 SL for the front. Like all great Vision wheels, these are well crafted, aerodynamic race wheels that I know will bring the speed I need without acting like a giant sail on my bike. I’ve chosen this depth as I am a strong time trial rider so I can manage a deeper wheel set even in windy conditions, so this is the closest I can get to my normal 81/disc tubular set.

Made from carbon, the front wheel weighs just 1820g and the rear a further 1430g. This brings my total wheel weight-in slightly lighter than my disc / 81 tub combo, which is a consideration over 180km. The beauty of this setup means I now have additional options. Aside from my Vision team 30 training wheels, I have three combinations to play with that suit all different situations. I can move them from my road bike to my time trial bike without any fuss, giving me even more options come world championship race time.

They have all the tech specs and wind tunnel testing to back up the claims, along with over 100 pro podiums. Good enough for me!

By Michelle Cooper – Pushys Sponsored Athlete

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