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Rider Review – SiS Overnight Protein Shake Powder

Confession #1– I was not a sports nutrition fan until I discovered SiS a few years ago and it literally changed my view on how I fuel my training and racing. Having spent time with my sports dietitian on finding the right combinations, one of the biggest breakthroughs this year has been the addition of the SiS Overnight Protein Powder.

sis-overnight-protein-shake-powder-chocolate-1kg-SISPRONPCH016112Confession #2 – I am a choc-o-holic! Not in a small way either – a full-size family block every night, so when it came time to seriously reduce my weight before some upcoming races, it was clear this had to go. But that craving for something sweet late at night is a pretty powerful need and required a clear plan to rectify. Enter, the overnight protein powder.

This little beauty packs a serious punch in the weight for age category. It has almost no carbs and therefore is great for controlling my weight but has a whopping 26g of protein per serve. The key is having this overnight, after my late training sessions, and it works whilst I am sleeping to maximise the recovery needed in my body.

sis-overnight-protein-shake-powder-vanilla-1kg-SISPRONPVA016716There are a few other reasons I like it. It’s made with water, so being lactose intolerant doesn’t rule this one out for me. It’s incredibly thick and creamy so unlike some protein drinks that taste like poor substitutes for an actual chocolate milk, the SiS Overnight chocolate one is great. In fact, it is so thick that it’s almost smoothie consistency. And, finally, you can serve it cold (I throw some ice cubes in mine) or hot like a hot chocolate – delicious. It also comes in vanilla flavour.

It’s been instrumental in getting my weight under control and helping me build for four Ironman races in the next 12 months – I need all the help I can get!

By Michelle Cooper – Pushys Sponsored Athlete

NOTE: Everybody’s specific needs are different when it comes to nutrition and supplements – always speak to your doctor or nutritionist to know what’s right for you.

Check out the article, Do I Need Protein, by Tim Davis, Pushys Health Guru, for more information about why protein is essential for your body!


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