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MET Parachute Helmet Review

I’m not really a fan of open face helmets; I just don’t feel safe riding down steep, rocky tracks with one. The thought of face-planting gives me the chills. Face-plants can occur at random times when least expected, which I have experienced from time to time. Therefore to protect myself from this when riding I choose to ride in a full face helmet the majority of the time.

Because I live and ride in a hot climate most of the year, I require a full face helmet that is lightweight, has great ventilation, has a great fit, offers full face protection and also doesn’t compromise on safety. After using an alternative brand of helmet for a number of years and finding it time to replace it, I decided to try the MET Parachute helmet, and I must say, I am impressed.

The MET Parachute helmet is a product specifically designed for enduro racing. The helmet comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large. The small weighs a measly 670g while the large weighs 740g, whilst the medium is somewhere in between. It also comes in a variety of colours to suit a range of tastes, ranging from black, yellow, red, green, white, blue and magenta.

HelmetsThe helmet has a fixed chin guard, which certainly gives you peace of mind knowing that, in a crash, the chin guard is not going to snap off or become loose. It has an embedded skeleton for extra strength throughout the helmet, which is designed to spread the pressure of an impact across the whole shell. It has Gel 02 padding on the forehead, designed to cut down odours, and quick-release washable foam pads. It has a removable visor with multi-position tuning, which is handy for keeping the sun and things like branches out of your eyes whilst riding. It has a double D-buckle strap closure for added safety, and it also comes with a camera mount and goggle clip. And best of all, it is certified AS/NZ 2063, CE EN 1078, US CPSC 1203, ASTM F1952-2032.

By far, my favourite feature of the MET Parachute helmet is the ability to adjust how tight the helmet fits on your head using the dial on the Safe-T advanced fit system harness located at the back of the helmet. I love the fact that I can have the helmet loose whilst I’m riding uphill, then tighten it for descents. Once tightened, the helmet stays in place and doesn’t move or bob around whilst you’re riding. I thoroughly recommend this MET Parachute helmet. It offers excellent ventilation, it’s lightweight, and has a comfortable fit. It is excellent value for money. I feel safe in this helmet and I know that when the inevitable face plant does happen, I will be protected well.

By Jodi Newton – Pushys Sponsored Athlete

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