KRUSH Premium Bike Wash & After-Spray

Although washing a bike may be the least appealing aspect of riding, it is essential for maintaining equipment and providing a smooth ride; day in, day out. My Pa always says oil is cheaper than parts and this is beyond a doubt relevant to modern mountain bikes. KRUSH is an Australian company based in Melbourne. Shopping local is really appealing to me, and KRUSH is also owned and operated by mountain bikers, for mountain bikers. Their products are intended for the dirtiest of rides and thickest of mud, making KRUSH a fantastic product!

toby-krush-articleAs an Enduro racer my bike gets grubby, really grubby! I have previously tried several other brands of bike wash, but none equal the quality of KRUSH’s formula. KRUSH Premium Bike Wash comes in the form of a robust and concentrated gel. The recommended cleaning application for KRUSH Bike Wash is to rinse / hose off all the thick and tough mud and then wash the remaining dirt and grime off with a diluted bucket of KRUSH and warm water. This allows the Bike Wash to be effective in cleaning the bike, which is also extremely good value for money, as more spray orientated bike washes are soaked up within the mud taking up extra cleaner and time. I have been using KRUSH Bike Wash for over three months now and the quality is astounding.

At this time of the year, Far North Queensland experiences our wet season where it rains for weeks and weeks. Throughout this time KRUSH has kept my bike running smooth and the ease of use means more time on the trails. I have found that KRUSH can also double as an effective drivetrain cleaner removing the thickest of grime and grit, and that is a must because who likes that sound of crunching gears and a dirty drivetrain. In addition to KRUSH’s Bike Wash they also produce an After-Wash spray. KRUSH’s after Wash Spray is created to disperse water and act as a polish for your bikes frame. The After-Wash spray is formulated to remove and scatter water from hard to reach places. I have found the After-Wash spray is really helpful in maintaining your bikes pivot areas and headsets. The polishing affect that the After-Wash spray leaves is sweet, the gleam and shine is awesome and makes your bike look 100% better; but make sure you get none on your brakes unless you want to go REALLY FAST!

So if you want a bike wash and after spray that will leave your bike looking spotless and one million dollars then KRUSH Premium Bike Wash & After-Spray are an absolute must. The quality and effectiveness are second to none as well as offering great value for money in an Australian made product. Whether riding in wet, muddy or bone-dry conditions, KRUSH will meet all your bike cleaning needs, and like they say, a clean bike a fast bike.

By Toby Greenwood

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