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2018 Fox DHX2 Factory Series Rear Shock

thelink-article-022018-jodiI am not much of a fan of change, especially when it comes to my bike. If things are working and feeling good on my bike then I never give it a second thought that perhaps there is something better out there that I could be using on my bike.

Since I have owned a mountain bike I have always used an air rear shock on my bike. They have always worked really well and made my bike feel comfortable and perform well.

My husband recently decided that he wanted to buy a coil spring rear shock. Typically, at first, I thought I won’t need one, I will stick with what I have, but then I thought, no, maybe it could actually be better. So I decided to get one as well. We decided on a 2018 Fox DHX2 Factory coil shock, and I am extremely glad that I didn’t stay in my rut and I ventured out to try new things. The Fox DHX2 coil shock is amazing!

On my first ride I noticed how quiet the shock was when riding, which for me is a plus as I hate hearing rattling and noises on my bike when riding. I was most impressed by how it handled and felt on rough terrain. The shock felt smooth, composed, and my bike felt controlled even on the roughest of terrain and rocks. The back of my bike didn’t feel like it was moving out from under me when I was hitting rocks with my rear tyre at speed. Right away I noticed the increased traction it provided. I noticed a better performance in the high speed, mid-sized hits. This is due to the fact that the shock can react quicker due to less seal friction as well as lower internal operating pressures, compared to an air shock.

The Fox DHX2 coil shock has a two-position Open/Firm lever (which retains high and low speed compression adjustments). The following adjustments can be made to the shock if desired: low speed compression, high speed compression, low speed rebound, high speed rebound and coil spring pre-load. These adjustments can be made easily. There really are more adjustment positions than you will ever need!

fox-dhx2-factory-7.875inch-x-2.25inch-ti-nitride-2-pos-cm-shock-2018-black-orange-no-spring-961-01-118The Fox DHX2 coil shock’s revised oil flow improves damping control and consistency. The improved linear damping profile increases plushness, and the redesigned seals reduce friction. It also has an advanced RVS damping system which makes it easier to tune. The shock features the Rod Valve System (RVS), which provides a mores seamless damping transition when absorbing small to large impacts, resulting in faster system response, more control and less harshness. It is also coated in Ti-Nitrade.

The Fox DHX2 coils come in a variety of sizes to suit different bikes, and spring sizes to suit individuals’ weights.

My favourite feature on the shock is the ability to have a lockout at your fingertips without losing adjustments. The lockout is brilliant, providing a much better feel and more traction while climbing compared to an air shock. It certainly helps with pedalling up hills at the end of the day with tired legs.

The Fox DHX2 coil shock is well worth the price tag and I am so glad that I ventured out of my rut to give it a try.

By Jodi Newton – Pushys Sponsored Athlete

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