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Behind the brand: TIME

downloadIn this day and age of austerity, it’s rare to see a company that keeps all of its manufacturing in-house. Time is one of those companies. Every step of the process takes place in small warehouse just outside of Lyon, France. From raw carbon to complete bike, Time’s in-house engineers personally oversee every build.

This level of oversight gave rise to two proprietary technologies, detailed below, which allow Time to produce world class bikes.


High speed winds pose a huge problem for skyscrapers, as excessive vibrations caused by the winds can have disastrous consequences. The solution employed by the engineers behind Taipei 101 was to use a 660-tonne tuned mass damper, which counteracts any movement caused by wind. Time recognised that the same principle also applies to your bike. Time’s research and development team found that road vibrations are amplified through your fork, and are felt at every point of contact with your bike. Their solution to this was to put a damper in each leg of the fork which vibrates at a given frequency. This works to counterbalance the vibration caused by the road, and is subsequently felt through your saddle and handlebars, resulting in a far smoother ride.


The mass damper (shown in red) oscillates to counteract the vibrations caused by rough road surfaces.

Aktiv forks are an optional extra on all Time frames, and they’re a must if the road surfaces you ride are poorly maintained!


When constructing bikes, most companies use a process called prepreg, or preimpregnation. This essentially means that preformed sheets of carbon fibre can be placed into a negative mold. Time, however, weaves their own sheets from spools of carbon fibre thread, and arranges the fibres in whatever direction is needed for maximum strength.

Time weaves every sheet of carbon fibre for a specific purpose.

Here at Pushys, we are excited to be stocking a selection of Time’s great range!

Scylon Translink Aktiv 


With state of the art aerodynamics and Aktiv technology, the Scylon Translink Aktiv maintains stiffness without sacrificing ride quality.

Scylon Classic Road


Designed with much of the same aerodynamic technology as the Scylon Translink, the Scylon Classic is a speed weapon that comes at a more affordable price point.

Time Fluidity Aktiv 


The Fluidity Aktiv is the ultimate endurance bike. It has geometry that facilitates long days in the saddle, and a fork that makes even the roughest tarmac smooth. If you love grinding out centuries, this is the bike for you.

Time Fluidity Classic


With the same geometry as the Aktiv model, the Fluidity Classic is up for whatever epic ride you’re willing to throw at it.

All these Time models, plus accessories, are now available at


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