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OORR: Quality cycling apparel that doesn’t cost the earth. Literally.


If there’s one thing cyclists love, it’s coffee. Is it even a ride if you didn’t make a stop at the local cafe? For most of us, drinking it is as far as we’ll take the obsession. But Sydney company, Out of the Rat Race, or OORR, decided to take their passion one step further.┬áBy utilising used coffee grounds and recycled plastic bottles, OORR has created a product that not only functions as elite-level cycling apparel, but also plays a part in saving the planet.

OORR is using proprietary technology to revolutionise the cycling apparel industry. The yarn created by OORR is mixed with recycled plastic to produce a high quality weave that is on par with the very best available. The yarn is then combined with used coffee grounds. The caffeinated molecules disrupt the smooth surface of the fabric, resulting in an increased surface area which increases the rate at which the material dries. It also enhances light refraction, providing you with better sun protection. OORR claim that their fabric dries up to 50% faster, and that the OORR pro line of clothing comes with a SPF rating of up to 50+.

OORR-Coffee-Infographic-Source-File--Updated_2048x2048OORR clothing also comes with the incredible benefit of lifelong anti-odour technology. Because of coffee’s strong, distinct and pleasant smell, it’s often used to cover foul smells, especially in aeroplane bathrooms. As the coffee is embedded in the fabric, the anti-odour properties last the lifetime of the garment, rather than washing out after 20 to 30 uses like the technology used by many competitors – but don’t worry, you’re not going to be smelling of coffee everywhere you go!

If the revolutionary technology or use of recycled materials isn’t enough to convince you that OORR is a company worth considering, maybe their charitable donations will. OORR donates 5% of their revenue to Velokhaya, an organisation in South Africa which lifts the countries poorest out of destitution through education and sport. OORR also supports the Australian Wildlife Conservancy. On top of this, for every OORR garment that is purchased, the company plants five trees.

OORR has a great range of styles, and they’re expanding it all the time, so head over to Pushys to check out the OORR range! Not only will you get great quality cycling clothing, but it’ll make you feel great on the inside too!

Check out OORR’s kit starter video here!

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