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Kids Ride Shotgun

Family-MTB-Adventures-2000x1200Are you excited to expose your child to the joys of mountain biking but don’t want to wait until they can ride a bike on their own? Well, here is your solution! The Shotgun Kids MTB Seat is the perfect way to get your kids outside and on the bike.


If you’ve ever taken a child out on the trails in a bike trailer or child seat, you’ll know it can make riding feel a little more awkward until you’re used to it. Trailers are suited mainly to riding around on wide bike paths, and rear mounted seats don’t gel with dual suspension bikes at all. For the tighter maneuvering and traction required on mountain bike tracks, a more trail-worthy solution was required. Shotgun came up with a child’s seat that clamps onto your down tube. It’s one of those elegantly simple ideas where, upon seeing it, you tend to wonder how the concept wasn’t designed sooner. Your child then sits on the seat, like they would any other bike, and grabs onto your handlebars, close to the stem. For an even more comfortable experience, you can also attach additional child-specific handlebars. Whilst obvious restraint is required when considering what trails to ride (our recommendation is to stick to green trails), it makes riding your mountain bike an enjoyable experience for you and your child to share.


The seat is designed with safety for your child and your bike in mind. The positioning of the child (see picture above) has a minimal impact on your centre of gravity and, most importantly, you can see them at all times! The ‘seat tube’ of the Shotgun has rubber padding to protect your bike, and they claim they haven’t yet found a bike it won’t fit. Just to be certain though, the Shotgun seat will fit bikes with a top tube up to 58mm wide, and a down tube width of up to 80mm. It’s even safe to use with carbon frames.

Understandably, when you’re riding with a child in front of you, you’re going to need to be willing to adjust your riding position. Depending on the size of the child, you might need to drop your saddle height or ride bow legged.

The Shotgun seat has some rave reviews, so the Shotgun Kids MTB Seat could be a great addition to your bike if you’re looking to brighten your child’s day and introduce them to the joys of riding.

We’ve tried a trailer, and we’ve had one of those bike seats mounted on the back, but this works the best. Our son, Hamish, is literally squealing with joy when we take him for a ride.”

– Andrea MacLennan-Southgate |  June 2017

The Shotgun Seat fits any child up to 22 kgs, and is a great way to get them started in mountain biking.



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