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Rider Review – X Tech Regulator Co2 Tyre Inflator


They say things happen in threes and this was certainly my recent run of luck with flat tyres. You get pretty good at something when you’re doing it that often, but you also become acutely aware of whether the tools you are working with are good, or not so good.

I’ve been seriously frustrated with inflators for my CO2 canisters in the past. They don’t puncture the canister properly, they go off before you can even press down on the valve, etc. In fact, my last few of a different brand had the rubber seals inside come flying out, rendering them useless! So I must admit I was pretty skeptical when it came time to use the X Tech CO2 Regulator. I assumed it would be a hassle and I’d have issues so I already had the second canister of CO2 out and ready to use. But I was wrong.

XTC1004After swapping out the inner tube and replacing the tyre onto the wheel, I twisted the X Tech Regulator onto the CO2 canister. It screwed in easily and punctured right away. Without the need to have the regulator already on the value before piercing, I could take my time, ensuring it was properly attached before slowly opening the release valve. Having control over the release into the tube meant I could more readily adapt if, for instance, the tyre had caught the tube. In other models this would mean a wasted canister as it would continue to release until empty. The controller was easy to start and to stop and also didn’t freeze my fingers like some have in the past, making it much more useful during a race where I’m not wearing gloves.

Having used the X Tech Regulator successfully several times now, it’s definitely my preference when it comes to inflators. No one ever wants to change a flat tyre but at least having good tools makes it a bit more tolerable!

By Michelle Cooper – Pushys Sponsored Athlete

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