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AMS Frame Guard

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Everyone loves new bike day and I am thrilled to be the proud, new owner of a Cannondale Jekyll 1 29er. However, before you let it rip on your favourite trails, how do you protect your new pride and joy? For me, the go to product is an AMS Frame Guard, manufactured by All Mountain Style from Spain.

There are various generic kits available to suit your bike, and while they are not made for specific frame layouts, they do offer great flexibility. Having used these frame guards previously on my Canyon Strive, I was keen to use it again on the new bike.

AMS Frame Guard is available in a range of kits for your frame and forks, and in a variety of patterns and colours. If you need some inspiration you can check out other customers’ bikes on the All Mountain Style website before you purchase your kits.

Toby Greenwood_AMS Frame Guard 2

For my new Cannondale Jekyll 29er, I chose the XL kit as it provides a variety of frame guard patch sizes that allow me to protect the down tube, seat, and chain stays. If you’re like me and want some extra protection, you can order a second kit which allows you also protect the top tube, seat tube, and even the bottom bracket.

Toby Greenwood_AMS Frame Guard 3

Installation is a breeze with the AMS Frame Guard System. All that’s required is to give your frame a clean with some isopropyl alcohol spray applied with a quality lint-free cloth to remove any residue. Then apply your chosen piece of frame tape, pressing down along the centre line and working out to the edges, while keeping an eye out to avoid any air bubbles. While the frame tape appears quite thick, it does conform well to curves, but be careful when trying to apply to more complex bends. The adhesive does a great job of keeping the frame tape secure, especially at the edges to prevent dirt from getting under the tape.

Toby Greenwood_AMS Frame Guard 4

The textured finish offers great abrasion resistance and, compared to smoother frame guard products, it’s less prone to showing up scuffs when you have that inevitable crash. While it does not provide complete coverage for your frame, you can easily cover the critical locations with a product that is very user-friendly to apply.

So whether it is new bike day or you just want to give some love to your trusty steed, give AMS Frame Guard a try to keep it looking fresh. You can even style it your way with some of the unique colours and patterns they offer.

By Toby Greenwood – Pushys Sponsored Athlete

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