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Rider Review – Continental GP 5000 tyres


I could give you all the cool technical specs of these tyres, like how they are use their legendary BlackChilli Compound so not only am I fast, but I am also safe, or how they use Active Comfort Technology so that on rides like Ironman Taupo, it helps absorb vibrations and smooths my ride. Or that they are made with Vectran Breaker to guard against punctures and tears.

But instead I’ll tell you about how they help me. All those things, plus Continental’s history of making world class tyres gives me unprecedented confidence on a ride of any length on almost any surface. When you are 5 hours from home, slashing a tyre is not the end you want to your day, nor a cheap ride back, so to have the security of the technology embedded into my tyres is important.

Add to that their ease of use. Continental tyres are crazy strong, but I find them manageable to roll over my clinchers when I am changing out wheels or widths. Whether they are on my time trial bike or my road bike, I use them in training and racing now to ensure I have comfort, speed and confidence at every turn.

Their new tubeless tyres will be my next upgrade on my tubeless ready clinchers. Can’t wait to see how they roll!

By Michelle Cooper – Pushys sponsored athlete

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