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Rider Review – Pearl Izumi Elite Thermal Arm Warmers

With the cooler temperatures already starting to appear comes the inevitable dig around the drawers for arm warmers.

I like to take the “layer up” strategy, lots of different items that I can mix to find the right combo for the weather.

As such, arm warmers are an essential part of my winter kit. They are the first step as the weather gets cooler and the last step as it starts to warm up.

Pearl Izumi has been a leading brand in the cycling apparel space for decades so I trust their quality and style. These arm warmers have been used in the Queensland winter (not that cold really!) and overseas in Spain where the temperature drops dramatically so they are versatile enough to cope with many conditions.

The added bonus of being water resistant makes those early dewy morning starts a little more tolerable and the soft thermal warmth of the fleece lining is great against the skin. They have a special PI Dry technology so that on the odd occasion when it sprinkles in Queensland, it can withstand the light water dose.

Of note is that there is a left and a right so getting dressed in the dark is a little more complex but the anatomical fit, especially when spending hours on aero bars, is worth turning the light on for. They fit neatly in your jersey pocket and the gripper keeps them up when in use without cutting off the circulation.

I recently had to race with arm warmers and these were a great solution. It was several hours before the temperatures reached a suitable point to remove them and they even fit inside the tiny pocket of my trisuit!

If you haven’t been a winter rider before, these are a great start to your kit. From there you can add jackets and base layers to suit the falling temperatures so you can enjoy your riding all year round!

By Michelle Cooper – Pushys sponsored athlete


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