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Rider Review – M2O “Just Send It” Crew Plus Compression Sock Black/Blue

Just_Send_ItHave you ever wondered, how you can supercharge your feet? Not the most common question around, but if you are wanting to transfer as much power to the pedals for the many disciplines of cycling, it is worth a thought. Compression activewear acts as a tightly fitting cocoon around the relevant area. This slight pressure on the muscles is proven to improve blood flow for more energy transfer. This technology is offered in M2O (Mountains 2 Ocean) Industries Compression Sock Range. Cycling doesn’t promote a particularly broad dynamic range in ankle movement, but there is the ever present side-to-side stabilization demanded by smaller muscle groups in the foot to ensure direct power transfer up and down. For the coolest looking, technology packed pair of socks on the market, M2O supplied by Pushys Online has got you covered.

This special Crew Cut series from the team at M2O not only have specified left and right foot socks for optimum support and compression in the right places, but they have some of the coolest looks on the market. The particular pair in review having ‘Just’ on the back of the left, and “Send It’ on the right. Put those together in the right pose and your trail riding buddies have already picked the leader of the group for the day.

I must admit, this is what caught my eye. The reference to the Social Media Meme “Larry The Enticer” (a budget stuntman on YouTube having coined the phrase “I’m still gonna send it”) never fails to start conversation at the trailhead. The compression features came as the secondary enticement to a new pair of socks, but are now my favourite feature about them. There is a single drawback to this main feature however, that comes with not having a pair of compression socks before. Their tight fitting nature does make them harder than the next pair to get on but you reap the benefits of their 16-28mmHg pressure immediately. These socks make me feet, ankles, and lower calf feel more active and supported. I feel my feet are already activated to rise to the demands of powering out of corners or up climbs. The features of these socks don’t stop here however, they are also moisture wicking, stain resistant, antimicrobial and anti-bacterial as all depicted below:


Having just described the coolest socks in the world to you, you’re probably wondering “where can I get these?” Pushys Online of course! We currently stock these ‘Just Send It’ socks from M2O, and many more of their lines to help you maximise your cycling performance!

By Pushys sponsored athlete – Kaiden Carter

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