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Rider Review – Pearl Izumi Short Sleeve Base Layer

To layer or not to layer, isn’t actually the question at this time of year. It is simply too cool to avoid some kind of extra clothing on an outdoor ride and with so many sniffles and coughs around, protecting my chest from windchill becomes a priority.

You could always add a vest or a jacket but the reality is that a base layer gives you the first line of defence in keeping warm and for most of my winter rides is a necessary component. The vets and jacket can be added later is necessary. I prefer this option as I don’t enjoy the noise and movement that a vest or jacket gives when riding, particularly if doing time trial work. I’d rather be smooth and as stealthy as possible!

Having always worn a short sleeve base layer, I opted this year to keep to the same style. It gives me that bit of protection on the top of my shoulders where my arm warmers finish without being bulky. I did make the switch from white to black this year as my usual jerseys are now lighter on top and the white was showing through the new colour. The black gave it some depth and helped show off the branding better.

The things I was looking for in a new base layer were soft fabric, moisture wicking technology as I am a sweater even in winter, soft seams and a womens specific cut. I ended up opting for the Pearl Izumi Transfer as although it is a summer weight base layer designed to keep you cool on hot days, our Brisbane winters aren’t really cold enough to warrant a thicker version. It also has more of the sweat transfer control I was looking for than the winter versions. It’s made of polyester but has elastane over the shoulders to aid in the flexibility I want to change positions comfortably.

There were a couple of other reasons I liked this aside from the antibacterial treatment on the fabric. These include that it was light at just 81g but also that it had a drop tail on the back so that it covers you better when you are down on your aero bars. One of the main issues previously with a straight cut base layer is that when you roll forward to that position, there isn’t enough shirt at the back and therefore you end up with it riding up and leaving your lower back quite cold. Finally some common sense!

By Pushys sponsored athlete – Michelle Cooper

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